Charlotte  White  Doves
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Special Events

You may choose to release a single dove, have a  spectacular flight of a flock of doves, or display a beautiful cage with a pair of snow white doves.
Doves are a beautiful addition to special events such as Engagements, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Dedications, Christenings, Baptisms, Ordinations, Farewells, Commencements, Graduations, Holidays, Parties, Proms, and Grand Openings.
Pentecost Sunday 2015  
University City United Methodist Church

In October,  we gave a  complimentary dove information session and release for Quest Provider Services in Charlotte, NC. There were clear skies and fall colors for the special needs consumers to view the flights.
Serbin Orthodox Church

Russian Orthodox Church
The students delighted in releasing doves to begin the evening festivities.

Charlotte White Doves was proud to provide a complimentary release of 22 white doves on the Square uptown in Charlotte, NC at the Annual Pro-Life Rally in January.


On a beautiful afternoon in October, three of our doves were released in celebration at a baby shower. The Father-to-be was available to attend and participate.  When he opened the large heart-shaped basket containing the two parent doves, one flew out quickly.  Still in the basket, we could see the head and neck of the other dove looking out for just a few moments before it flew out to meet its mate.  As they flew off together and circled back overhead, the guest of honor, the Mother-to-be, opened the lid of the small white heart basket to release the single baby dove.  It flew up to meet its parents and the three doves joined together and flew in unison.  It was a beautiful sight to see and a lovely tribute.
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