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Behold, you are beautiful, my love,
behold, you are beautiful!
Your eyes are doves
behind your veil.
Song of Solomon 1:15

              A Beautiful Wedding Day..........

Imagine a beautiful day, white clouds, a clear blue sky, sunshine, just the right temperature. 

Imagine your guests viewing a beautiful white heart decorated with white roses, green leaves, bells, plentiful lace and tulle, inside 2 white doves showing their beauty. 

Then imagine seeing a release of a white dove by the bride, from a matching white basket - the grooms dove released.  The white doves fly out with a characteristic flapping sound, wings shining, everyone watching as the doves fly higher, start to circle, and then more doves are released.  Soon doves are flying everywhere, pictures are taken, ooh’s and aahh’s are in abundance. 

A memory is made.  A symbolic dove release just for you and your party will never be forgotten. 

Then, the doves gather together in a kit, flying in a broad circle, they set their eyes to the heavens and fly away.

This is the ideal white dove release.  We cannot guarantee all components , like the sunny day, but we will strive to achieve a beautiful memory.   The white doves are trained to perform for you.  The doves are not lost, like butterflies and balloons, they return to a nice loft with food and water, their home.


Brides, don’t pass this up.  Charlotte White Doves has all the needed doves, release baskets, decorations, in abundance.  We can customize also.

The brides white wedding dress matches perfectly with our white doves, and everyone will notice.

Symbolism is everywhere at your wedding.

Brides, spend a little money, your wedding day is only a “once in a lifetime event”.  Make the day spectacular.


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** We can modify any package to suit the vision of the bride and groom.  We desire to satisfy your requests and to make your Dove Release a beautiful and memorable part of your wedding day. **

Dove Release Packages

The Bride and Groom: Two Doves
The Bride and Groom release one dove each by hand together or release them from a beautiful basket. 
This symbolizes the uniting of the couple's lives.

The Holy Trinity: Five Doves
The Bride and Groom release the two doves to represent their new union.  This is followed by the release of three doves representing the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The three doves will join with the two doves
in the sky and fly away as a reminder that the bride and groom are led by the one true God.

The Wedding Party: Twelve Doves
The Bride and Groom release the two doves to represent their new union.  This is followed by the release of
ten additional doves, representing the blending of their lives with their families and friends.

The Family Package: Sixteen Doves 
Two doves are released by the Bride and Groom.  Two baskets containing seven doves each
will be released by their parents, symbolizing the joining of the two families.

The Glorious Wedding Release: Twenty Doves 
Two doves will be released by the Bride and Groom.  Two baskets containing 9 doves each
will be released and all of the doves join together to fly away into the sky


Dove Wedding Wonderland
Includes over 20 white doves released,
2 white love doves in Heart Shaped large cage fully decorated – show only - not
2 white lovebird canaries in fully decorated cage with stand.

To schedule your event, ask for Brad, seven zero four,
two four one,
two five five two 


White Canaries
We now have sparkling white Canaries for your wedding display by the guest book or any other location.

Two white doves on display in a white heart cage.  
This allows your guest a close up view of the doves and is a stunningly beautiful display. 
These doves are for display only and cannot not be released

                      This is a picture of the Charlotte NC skyline at Dusk - From the Dove point of view.

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