Charlotte  White  Doves
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Charlotte White  (White Doves Fly all year round.)  Doves love to perform for your celebration or memorial.

Doves are flying today and tomorrow.  Enjoy a special day of your own - create a memory of love that will last.  Enjoy flying white doves.
The white dove is a symbol of peace and purity.  It has a beautiful and picturesque flight, and will often fly up, then fly circles in the sky and fly away.  When several doves are released together, they seek to flock together and fly as a group creating a magnificent vision.   
A dove release creates a memorable and breathtaking display at a Wedding,
Engagement, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Dedication, Christening, Baptism, Ordination, Memorial, Funeral, Farewell, Commencement, Graduation, Holiday, Party, Prom, Grand Opening,or other event. 
Our doves are white rock doves, a breed of homing pigeon, that with diligent training will return to their home loft. 
We serve the Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding communities with White Dove Releases. Our dove release area is usually within 25 miles of the center city of Charlotte.  We may fly further under special conditions.  Call for inquiries.
Contact us regarding pricing for weddings and funerals. We also offer special pricing for other events.  Discounts may apply.

We are happy to coordinate a dove release into your event.  You may also choose to include a special poem or verse reading at the release ceremony. 

Also, as is often the case for funerals, you may be able to reserve an event date on short notice.
To schedule a dove release, please call seven zero four , two four one, two five five two and ask for Brad
to get a complete pricelist of available services Email: 
All dove releases  must occur at least one hour before sunset to allow sufficient daylight for the flight home.  We do not fly our doves in adverse weather including heavy rain or high winds.  In the event that a scheduled release is canceled, all payments will be refunded. 

 Serving Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area.  

                                                                                                     Opening Day  - Charlotte Knights in uptown Charlotte

Last Publish Date May 13, 2020

We are Charlotte WHITE Doves, but yet we are GREEN.  How can that be?

We use 100% White Doves that live a good life flying in the sky day after day.  They occasionally attend a sweet ceremony for you or another person, flying high in the sky for a grand performance, then fly straight home.

So, you see, we are 100% Green.  We reuse the doves, again and again.  They live the best life, fly home and are ready for the next days performance.  Nothing is lost.

From Wikipedia, we get the definition - A green company acts, or claims to act, in a way which minimizes damage to the environment.

Soon, Our new Cinderella Carriage Wedding Cart will be making it's debut.
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